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Nature-Based Solutions in Cities—Contribution of the Portuguese National Association of Green Roofs to Urban Circularity

Tipo: Artículo científico
Año: 2021
Editorial: Springer
Autor: Rocío Pineda-Martos and Cristina S.C. Calheiros
Green building–integrated systems and technologies (e.g., green roofs (GR) and walls (GW)) are classified as nature-based solutions (NBS) in the context of urban green infrastructure (GI), which contribute to add both natural elements and processes, as a result of locally designed, resource-efficient, and systemic interventions in cities. They have also been considered to address several urban challenges towards cities’ circularity. The present manuscript aims at reflecting the crucial role of the Associations on GI/NBS, mainly GR and GW, to develop local frameworks applying innovative plans of action, and allocate R&I opportunities implementing relevant and inclusive urban regeneration solutions.
Palabras clave: Circular city; Ecosystem-based approaches; EU framework policies; Green economy; Sustainable development; Urban biodiversity