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Urban agriculture as a keystone contribution towards securing sustainable and healthy development for cities in the future

Tipo: Artículo científico
Año: 2020
Editorial: IWA Publishing
Autor: Siv Lene Gangenes Skar et al.
Research and practice during the last 20 years has shown that urban agriculture (UA) can contribute to minimising the effects of climate change by, at the same time, improving quality of life in urban areas. In order to do so most effectively, land use and spatial planning are crucial so as to obtain and maintain a supportive green infrastructure and to secure citizens' healthy living conditions. As people today trend more towards living in green and sustainable city centres that can offer fresh and locally produced food, cities become again places for growing food. This article describes some of the current aspects of the circular city debate where UA is pushing forward the development of material and resource cycling in cities.
Palabras clave: agriculture; circular city; ecosystem services; infrastructure; recirculation; urban farming