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Investing in nature-based solutions. State-of-play and way forward for public and private financial measures in Europe

Tipo: Informe
Año: 2023
Editorial: European Investment Bank
Autor: Guy Hudson, Stephen Hart, Arnold Verbeek
Nature-based solutions are cost-effective interventions that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits and build resilience. This report highlights the challenges involved in financing nature-based projects and draws on the European Investment Bank’s experience in implementing the Natural Capital Financing Facility pilot programme in Europe and interviews with key players across the field. The analysis looks at nature-based solutions across six ecosystems and landscapes. The in-depth report also presents key recommendations on how to attract much-needed private investment, including the establishment of a range of funding and financing mechanisms, as well legislative solutions to facilitate cooperation among public entities and co-financing. Investing in nature-based solutions:
Palabras clave: Las soluciones basadas en la naturaleza son intervenciones rentables que brindan beneficios ambientales, sociales y económicos y generan resiliencia. Este informe destaca los desafíos involucrados en la financiación de proyectos basados en la naturaleza y